A Day With Stella Dottir


Stella Dottir is a low profile yet famous fashion designer. For those of you who have not heard of her, you might have seen her dresses in various magazines and red carpet events. And if you have not you want to check out some of her dresses. She is an amazing talented artist who can work with fabric like no other. Drawing heavily from the fashion styles of the beginning of the century she gives a different an unique touch to all she makes. Not surprisingly her hats, dresses and swimsuits have been on the cover of many magazines all over the world. A few months ago some of her dresses were featured in the Italian Vogue. If you are green and you are not sure where to shop.  Stella Dottir mainly works with natural materials and silks. She buys all her fabrics locally and consequently as green as it gets, for she avoids the use of a car completely.