UniteThem Deconstructs Dentalfloss

We took part in the first Deconstruction. There was no theme, so we decided to deconstruct dental-floss. The Deconstruction is a 48 hour weekend collaboration held online, and in the real world. Each year a topic is announced for our participants to explore. Over 48 hours they re-imagine the topic by creating something completely new with resources they already had.

Our team focused on art an oil painting inspired by plastic and the birds nesting in a changing environment. For 48 hours we were life streaming our project and people from the street and friends could come in and join and paint. Consequently this painting is made by many individuals. The last strokes were done by a famous mural artist. The work has been donated to the Gentle barn in Los Angeles.

Inspired by the documentary about Midway Island. It features the life and habitat of the amazing bird the Albatross. A link to the video: Midway Island. We wanted to tackle one product that almost every one uses and that is dental floss. How can you shred or compost dental floss so that it does not end up into the ocean. We learned that to cut or shred most dental floss is harder than you would think.

Only a few brands of dental floss are biodegradable. Our conclusion was: what ever you do when you toss out dental floss make sure it is not in long threads. This can get stuck in the intestinal track of sea creatures. And using a simple scissor, wrap your dental floss around it and cut it into smaller pieces. Yet, the best options is to get biodegradable non plastic dental floss.


MIDWAY a Message from the Gyre : a short film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.