Poetry Residency

On my way to Inverewe

After having volunteered and visited in many Botanical Gardens this Heritage Garden is definitely worth a visit. If you have never painted before this garden will inspire you to draw, paint and take photos, so come prepared. The landscape leading up to the garden is amazing. Very excited to be going here.

“Inverewe is a place of culture and inspiration which celebrates mankind and the natural environment. It is a property of contrasts where the unexpected greets you at every corner. Marvel at our heritage garden comprising of species from across the globe, created from a barren wilderness in the 19th century. A tale of enduring love, dedication, and commitment it is a feast for your senses.”

If you have not heard of the North Coast 500, #NC500 or been up this part of the world it is definitely a place to visit. http://www.nts.org.uk/Visit/Inverewe/

Between the trees

Between the trees.

All that is is light. I see and feel and write about the spirit of places. Like taking a photo and that photo shopping me out. Sharing glimpses and moments capturing them as they glide by.

Come join and play with me with light moss or magic.

on my way


How did I get started?

I wrote a poem for the garden that leaded to the residency in Inverewe Garden & Estate and well yesterday I decided to make a video and record the poem. I was asked to capture the “Spirit of Inverewe” and then read it in front of people who happen to love language and literature. “No pressure.” My answer to this was:”of course sure no problem”I tried to write things down but every time I was writing more about me than about the spirit of a place I did not really sense yet. I walked three days through the garden and surrounding areas. I would stop at a tree or a plant. I would take notes about things that would jump out at me. Almost as if they wanted to be included in the poem I was about to write.

After a few conversations with the people at Inverewe I was allowed to come and write for what they call the “Erythronium Festival” I did not really know the name in English or Latin but I had seen the plant. This dog tooth violet. The festival was amazing. And I was going to read a poem during a gala dinner for all the paying guests. “No pressure.” So my response was “of course sure no problem.” I had no idea how to start and what to write. I was laying on the floor taking pictures. I was time lapsing the little flowers to see how they might move. I sat in in botany and gardening lectures I volunteered with the gardeners. I went into the museum to ask to see what books the original owners might have on poetry. When all of a sudden I found a poetry book on Shelley that had a part about a garden and nature folded over. I got a blanket and sat for a few days writing hiding from the gardeners and staff writing “At the foot of a Giant.”

I continued to write more poems for my stay and then time came for me to take of to the states for a wedding but I had booked my flight to come back to witness the annual “Scottish Adventure Travel Film Festival.”

On my first day on my second stay I ventured into the Garden I saw nature art left by nature artist. It is my first day of my artist residency here this Autumn. The weather sunny and nice when I came out. While someone their dog had decided to walk me across the pinewood trail earlier that day.

” We spiral through life 
watching the tides roll in 
the midges for company 
calm shaded under a tree ”

I felt inspired to doodle with my water color on some pieces of fallen bark. And as I my attention was set on the trees and landscape a robin kept fluttering about me “as if I was a walking tree” and I guess needed its portrait taken. It flew in a few times to inspect. Have a look at the video of Pipsqueek, one of my favorite Inverewe Robins.

Funny how nature has a way of making you feel at home.