Shakespeare Workshop Crea

We all need a reason to get up in the morning. For some people it is food, for others it is exercise or maybe it is their dog needing to go out. We all have one and we all need one when we don’t. For years mine has been poetry and Shakespeare … 

I pitched to direct a play with the InPlayers in Amsterdam, and as a result I ended up teaching an Shakespeare workshop at Crea. It was great to see a piece of text come alive. If you like Shakespeare I challenge you to get a few friends together and maybe read through one play a month.

Since I was doing a lot of Shakespeare I decided to sign up for an MA in English literature. An amazing Dutch standup comic once told me with a look of surprise and wonder: “If you like it so much; why don’t you just go and study it!?” I signed up a few days later. I discovered amazing things I did not know about the text. I learned that some lines in Shakespeare’s texts are direct quotes from Chaucer. Language and Literature can teach you a lot about a culture and about a time.

The amazing thing about Shakespeare is that the plays are written for actors. Everything is in the text. The only think you need to do is “read [it] out loud with other people,” which is a line used in the play Savage and Limbo. Technically every time I say anything, I could be quoting someone, and maybe you are too!?