My third poetry book called “Spirit of a Garden” published 2018 is available in Scotland. When you pick up a copy at the Inverewe Garden and Estate please let me know your thoughts. You can order the book: just phone the garden at 01445712952 and leave them a message. If it does not work, then shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram.


This is the first poetry book that the Inverewe Garden sold. They sold copies during the opening of @TOASP2018 It was very kind of David Sandum to come out for moral support!

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Stella Dottir did a lot to ensure that “Love Heals: why not do it more” would get published. So as a thank you I posted her a copy.

Published Poems

Download your copy of one of my latest poem “At the foot of a Giant” that I wrote as my poetry residency for Inverewe that was published in the “International Rock Gardener” Number 90 of the only magazine of The Scottish Rock Garden Club June  (ISSN 2053-7557) page 32- to page 35. It is a longish poem inspired my a flower called erythronium.

Inverewe Garden and Estate hosts an annual festival to celebrate the vibrant colors of the blooming erythroniums. It is an amazing site to see. This year there was a course to learn botanical illustration. If you plan to visit the garden and you love this amazing plant it will be a good time to visit the Oasis of the North along the North Coast 500 #NC500.

To read the full published poem go to: http://www.srgc.org.uk/logs/logdir/2017Jun211498039508IRG_90_June.pdf

Published Poetry Collections

LOVE HEALS: why not do it more” has been published in February 2015 thanks to all the kind donations that were offered to her via her kickstarter campaign. Hope you will enjoy this collection. Some of the poems in this collection have previously been featured on Jaime Allen her LA based weekly radioshow called “Facets of the Heart.”

25 & 25 and a Couple of Pounds More is Lydia Muijen’s first poetry collection. Society critical and personal poems about her travels across the world. The title and cover image refer to the uncalibrated machines we rely on so heavily for our everyday decision making.


How I got started

As a little girl it was easier to learn a poem by heart than to actually read it. Sometimes I would be asked to recite poems during birthdays and dinners. In 2009 at a gallery opening fundraiser I recited Chaucer. MJ who was composing the music for Holy Rollers starring Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha was one of the people listening to the opening of the Canterbury tales. We stayed in touch and just for Christmas he asked me to write the lyrics for a song he was composing for the film that was to screen at Sundance 2010.

If you want to listen to the song I did for the film: